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Product Reviews

"Say goodbye to pasties and dots and get ready for the future of target marking with Mark A Shot. Available in four bright colors: red, green, orange and pink, Mark A Shot is a revolutionary new product, unlike any other target-marking tool. These 20 ml markers are faster more visible and cost-effective than other target-marking methods. They feature a spring valve, and a leak-proof applicator, which will not dry out. The applicator is designed to mark each shot with just the right amount of ink to cover each hit. Each Mark A Shot applicator makes approximately 12,000 bright, water-resistant marks on paper targets or anywhere a bullet hits. The bright, fluorescent colors make it easy to see shot groups at long distances. Contact Mark A Shot, Dept. SSUSA, 5214 WaIl Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804; (510) 233-8144;"

Excerpt from Shooting Sports USA
May, 2003 Edition

"Mark A Shot (pictured at top) was originally introduced to provide a bright shot marker for targets and can be used to mark bullet holes at a crime scene. Tool Logic's SL Series presents a one-hand-opening liner lock knife that also contains a white LED flashlight and a loud emergency whistle.

Never again does the investigator have to rely on weather readings from a local recoding site, taken at a time other than that of the case.

Bullet hole markers
Some ideas beg for diversification. Mark A Shot was originally introduced to provide a bright shot marker for targets. The applicator is a spring-valve actuated device, designed to mark the same amount of ink on each shot. Depending on how much pressure you apply, it will mark from a .22-caliber hole to a .45-caliber hole. Shoot the target, mark the hits and later see them from the firing line. But the Mark A Shot from Mark A Shot Products in Richmond, California, was found to have criminalistic uses. At a shooting scene, after all other documentation and collection, the investigator can mark all the bullet holes, back off and photograph a the pattern, providing a bright color contrast to show prosecutors, judges and juries where the actual bullet hits are. A crime scene investigator may find many uses for such a tool, highlighting bomb frag, blood spatter, cartridge cases or other aspects of a scene. Different colors (florescent green, red, pink or orange) can be used to show different calibers.

Paul Laska retired from police service after more than 28 years in crime scene investigation, fingerprint identification and bomb disposal."

Excerpt from Law Enforcement Technology
April, 2003 Edition

The North American Hunting Club sends new products out to approximately 1,100 of their members to "field" test and rate whether or not they like the product. Mark A Shot™ received an 89% overall approval rating from the members who tested it.

Personal Quotes by Testers

"Mark A Shot takes the guesswork out of patterning your rifles or pistols. The applicator is easy to use, and the bright colors make it easy to see your previous shots." - James Johnson, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

"This product is great for use in developing loads for your gun or determining which ammo groups the best for your gun." - Dave Kuhner, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada

Excerpt from North American Hunter Magazine, December, 2002 Issue

"Target shooters, shotgun patterners, benchresters, and plenty of other folks will get lots of use from the Mark A Shot (800-235-8076). This small bottle, weighing in at less than two ounces and measuring less than five inches tall, contains ink and an applicator to mark each of your shots. It comes in orange, green, pink, and red for variety and to facilitate multiple users on one target. Each bottle will mark about 12,000 shots. Easy to carry and transport, simple to use, and great utility make this one a winner."

-- excerpt from Shooting Sports Retailer
May/June 2002 ed., Author Oliver Shapiro

"Dear Mr. Boykin,

Several months ago, . . .{I was} sent . . . some samples of . . . the different colored Mark A Shot applicators.

In the several months that I have now used the products, I have found them to be really exceptional. The Mark A Shot applicators are really useful for long-range sessions.

As an outdoor writer with the requirement to visit the range frequently, I often wait before going until I have several rifles to shoot. Using the Mark A Shot applicators in different colors, I can identify each separate rifle with a different color, or, when only shooting one rifle, I can identify the sequence of shots by color coding them. As I'm sure you know, range work is fun but also labor intensive. These products make it substantially easier.

I really appreciate {you} contacting me and introducing me to very functional and useful product.

All the best,
Tom Turpin"

Tom Turpin is an Outdoor Writer,
Author of Modern Custom Guns and
Custom Firearms Engraving, (Krause Publications),
Contributing writer to Gun Digest,
Special Projects Editor for GUNS Magazine,
Contributing editor for RifleShooter Magazine

"Mark A Shot (15214 Wall Ave., Dept. GWK, Richmond, CA 94804; phone: 800-235-8076) has the answer to marking the pellet holes on pattern sheet, different caliber bullet holes on a target, or even different loads of the same caliber. Instead of using masking tape, stick-ons, etc., use Mark A Shot. Having used "felt tip markers" for many years, this is a definite improvement. Available in four brilliant colors (neon, dayglow, etc.) of orange, green, pink, and red, the round dots produced using these markers really show. According to the manufacturer, as set of markers will produce 12,000 dots or impressions; that's 4,000 3-shot groups or 2,400 5-shot groups, or 30 to 40 shotgun patterns."

-- excerpt from Gun Week Magazine
May 10, 2001 issue, Author, Larry S. Sterett

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